Basically anyone.

Whether you're a museum looking for a unique souvenir or a company that would like to produce a special edition of keyrings, magnets or figurines to commemorate its anniversary, KROKIDO will produce a bespoke item for you. 



  • Create a new design
  • Change the colours of the existing product
  • Change the painting on the existing product
  • Provide a tampon-print logo on thE product

You can get detailed information about how the new product is created in our articles.


What is the minimum quantity for production?
- For the design and production of a new figure, we require a minimum quantity of 200 pieces of each type. 

How much will I pay for the design of a new figure?
- If the design of a new figurine is followed by an order, you get a FREE design from us. 
- We charge 100€ for the design of a figurine if it is not followed by an order.

Creation of a new custom product

Creation of a new custom product

Are you interested in how new custom products are created? What does it take to get your original product? Read on if you want to find out how a NEW FIGURE tailor-made for you is created. 

It all starts with a great idea, whether you're a museum dedicated to a specific profession or personality, a company craving an original promotional item (and no, we don't really mean a drink bottle, socks or scarf), we can find a unique product for you all.

Dia de Los Muertos - our custom work story

Dia de Los Muertos - our custom work story

Custom production is always a challenge, capturing a person, animal or fairy tale character is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The materials supplied by our customers serve as inspiration for the creation of a new product and it is up to us to find exactly what you imagine and what your customers will like. When designing a new figure, it is important to take into account many details which have a crucial impact on the final look of the product. It is simply alchemy, and all the processes of production must be taken into account to get a perfect product!