Welcome to KROKIDO,

a leading producer of handcrafted wooden figures and distributor of Czech toys based in the beautiful town of Novy Bor, located in the heart of the Crystal Valley in the Czech Republic.

Our production is rooted in the rich tradition of wooden toy-making, which has a long and proud history in this region.

                  We believe that every item should be a work of art. That's why we:

  • use only the finest beech wood 
  • employ skilled artisans to create each and every one of our products by hand
  • use certified water-dilutable colours and thanks to a dyeing technique we achieve beautiful vibrant colours with a subtle sheen.

But what really sets our products apart is our meticulous hand-painting process. Our artisans take great pride in every brushstroke, creating vivid and intricate designs that bring our wooden figures to life. Our aim is to produce products that comply not only with European EN71 standards, but above all with nature. 
We place great emphasis on quality and our products are double checked to ensure both safety and customer satisfaction.

 "Beyond Production: Krokido's Sales Team as a Key to Business Growth"

At KROKIDO, the sales department is pivotal in expanding our wholesale operations, effectively reaching a diverse group of customers that include small businesses, large retailers, and specialized boutiques across the globe reaching specialized markets that include:

  • souvenir shops
  • providers of advertising items for festival organizers, sports events, championships
  • companies seeking unique gifts for anniversaries or corporate events.
  • merchandising items for museums and galleries

Our team's fluency in both German and English enhances our service quality, facilitating tailored and effective communication with these diverse client groups globally. This linguistic versatility ensures efficient management of our comprehensive worldwide shipping operations, making us a top choice in the wholesale industry. By skillfully meeting the specific needs and preferences of these distinct customer segments, our sales professionals not only improve client satisfaction but also reinforce KROKIDO's status as a reliable and adaptable wholesale partner.

We do our work with love and care, we want our figurines, keychains and magnets to bring joy to children and adults around the world and to be a reminder of the quality craftsmanship that has deep roots in the Czech Republic.

Thank you for your trust and we look forward to our cooperation...

Lenka & Silvie