Looking for a fun and unique addition to your store's collection?

Look no further than Bouncing KROKIES! These swinging figures are a hit at:

  • markets and festivals
  • souvenir shops
  • toy stores

Pull the spring and watch as they swing back and forth, bringing a smile to everyone's face. Wooden figures on spring are a great decoration in any space, from a child's room to an office or covered terrace.

Our products are exceptional:

  • they are handpainted - you can see the details of the brush stroke on every single item
  • we use water-based certified paints, that are environmentally friendly and safe for children
  • we place great emphasis on quality in their processing to meet the European standard EN71


These wooden jumping buddies in a shape of various animals or fairy tales characters are the perfect gift for anyone looking for a funny and memorable souvenir of a place visited.

Size: 9,5 to 14 cm (measured without legs)