Dia de Los Muertos - our custom work story

Did you know that the best ideas come from you, our customers?

We try to add more and more products to our range, but you, our customers, really know what is required. In every country, in every city it can be something different, sometimes the new style is linked to history, sometimes to a symbol of the city or a tradition. And so new pieces are created, in this case a true work of art.

The figurine, named Dia de Los Muertos - Day of the Dead in English - is inspired by the Mexican holiday celebrating the dead, which is recognised by UNESCO, and features a rich decoration with nothing but a skeleton at its centre, which is, of course, beautifully painted. This holiday is mainly celebrated in Mexico, but over time it has also become known in other countries, also thanks to the animated film Coco. But enough about the history...

Designing this figure was a real challenge for us and we really enjoyed it. Of course, the customer's wishes and the materials supplied by the customer were at the beginning, but not everyone can render this precise painting. And so the design went from hand to hand, what one painter couldn't do, another painter tried, because each painter has different skills, some have beautiful fine lines, others have an eye for colour combinations, others can capture facial expressions perfectly. In the end, the product goes to the one who can capture the expression best.

It's up to you to decide whether we have succeeded. At first glance, the simple figure without accessories is a true work of art that will look great on a shelf or hanging on a spring. 

We are waiting for new challenges and ideas to become a bestseller in your place!