Creation of a new custom product

How we will do it?

  1. At the beginning there is your idea for a customized wooden figure.
  2. You may provide a picture, drawing, or description for the producer to work from or let us a free hand to develop the sample.
  3. We will create a first sample based on the idea or provided materials.
  4. We expect your comments on the first sample, including changes to colour, painting, accessories, adding a logo, etc.
  5. Final sample is produced based on your feedback.
  6. Once you approve the final sample, you will get the quotation and the production can begin.

Choose your wood finish, colours and accessories. You can choose from different types of paints (we use natural, environmentally friendly paints and varnishes that comply with the European standard EN 71) or we will leave the product in a purely natural finish. You can combine the style and colour of hair or other accessories made of felt, cotton, barex etc.

We also offer a wide range of accessories such as straw hats, musical instruments, sports equipment, teapot, book, stethoscope and clothes to make your figure exactly what you are looking for.

Look, how we created a COLLECTION OF SOUVENIRS FOR MUSEUM DEUTSCHE RAUMFAHRTAUSSTELLUNG in Germany. In the beginning, it was the idea of a museum that wanted to acquire a unique, yet high-quality souvenir for its visitors.

"A really pleasant cooperation!

We have been sourcing wooden figures for our space store from Krokido (formerly ABA factory) for more than 10 years. KROKIDO produces cosmonaut key rings, magnets and feather figures made of wood according to our design and with special painting. The quality is consistently high, each little cosmonaut has a friendly smile and somehow no two look the same! This is because these figures are lovingly painted by hand. Our visitors love to buy these items in our space store.

We would like to thank you very much for this pleasant cooperation and wish you a successful continuation!We were inspired by the Czech cosmonaut Vladimir Remek, and designed a figurine to represent his spacesuit. The beginning of this collaboration was a drawing, and then we started working on physical samples. The result is a comprehensive collection of figurines, magnets and key rings that the museum has been successfully offering to its visitors for several years. We can also boast that our little astronaut has been visiting space as a crew member of the International Space Station together with the German astronaut Alexander Gerst in 2014.