Our handpainted WOODEN MAGNETS are crafted with detailed workmanship and as all KROKIDO products made in the Czech Republic.

They make for:

  • a great memory of a visited place
  • thoughtful gift for adults or kids
  • advertising item for companies

Our collection includes magnets in a variety of kinds, you can choose from:

  • funny animals
  • cute fairy tale characters
  • figures representing human beings

Why they are so special?

Each magnet is meticulously crafted to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail. The use of certified water-based paints, emphasis on quality and perfect hand painting are a matter of course in our products. 


The small figures are equipped with a magnet that is securely built into the back of the product.

The size varies between 5-7cm.


What sells better, a keychain or a magnet?

What sells better, a keychain or a magnet?

For souvenir shop owners, the decision between keyrings and magnets isn't just about personal preference—it's about knowing your market. The situation is slightly different in every country and it´s changing time to time. Of course teh best option is to have both styles to offer your customers, because there are magnets lovers and keyrings fans around the whole world.