KEYRINGS - Height - 7cm

Our handpainted WOODEN KEYRINGS add a whimsical touch to your everyday carry. Based on the look of medium sized figures, they are a cute item in every souvenir shop offering high-quality and original products.

Crafted with care from solid beech wood and adorned with hand-painted details, each piece in our collection is unique.

Choose from a playful array of designs including:

  • enchanting animals
  • beloved characters from fairy tales
  • occupations  

They look great on our in-store display, which is foldable and clear. Choose the right mix and offer your customers an original keepsake



What sells better, a keychain or a magnet?

What sells better, a keychain or a magnet?

For souvenir shop owners, the decision between keyrings and magnets isn't just about personal preference—it's about knowing your market. The situation is slightly different in every country and it´s changing time to time. Of course teh best option is to have both styles to offer your customers, because there are magnets lovers and keyrings fans around the whole world.